Ring C: 2/11: Kharos S'Fik

Pascal A. Kramm
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Kharos S'Fik

Shol-en khonta waluk khimosh af moros tokh

En asa af cjuh daf mesaz u khonta af kha'af f'rek zena dekia fidet.

Dä mezot khala u doh til khako foa niwa ise okh futol kras'ni otokh neko u s'kulat af han ise. Tia khoroshi hehko dekia poka mezot et ch'ta farof s'tarakh. Poka khon han al tamea fanik ha khara han s'koro kha'af s'ka f'rokhot shil. Dä neko cjama ch'mas. En tokh han ashi u sapoa krasat fut dä tarop kholot khasat okh s' han s'jäl u riksak af khako mezot hik. Näa han feqem tata ch'mas, kha'af f'rokhot.

S'lut cjoran af neko fis intares ta isa.

(Mistake found after end of relay: In the second sentence (Tia...) it wrongly says "et" instead of "han".)

Smooth Translation

Steps against bad feelings of the frost time

One morning of the twelfth month on the other side of the bus stop, (this) scene can be seen.

There, a boy clearly on the way to the school is in front of a garden and a fat red male cate is on his shoulder. The animal can balance (himself) well while the boy tries to shake him down. During this he has more and more panic because he knows that the bus will come soon. There the cat creates disturbance. One time he puts a paw on the fence, but it seems (to be) too cold, so he pulls himself back on the school boy's backpack. As he has made (himself) comfortable, the bus comes.

Finally, the cat's day was surely interesting.

Translation from Da Mätz se Basa

(Some) steps against the winter depression

On a morning in the 12. month on the opposite side of the bus stop you can see this scene.

There is a boy who is obviously on the way to the school in front of a garden's border and has a fat red male cat on the shoulder. The animal can balance itself well while the boy tries to shake it off. During this he looks more and more in panic because he knows that the bus must come very soon. There the male cat disturbs. Once it puts one paw on the fence but seemingly finds it too cold there and so pulls itself back on the pupil's backpack. As it just has made itself comfortable, the school bus comes.

The cat's day surely was interesting after all.


(The full grammar description and an updated Relay text reflecting the current state of the grammar can be found here.)

Sentences have SOV order. All words consist of sound units which are usually made up of CV (consonant-vowel) pairs, though vowel-only or consonant-only units are also possible. Final consonants are tacked onto the preceding unit. Every unit takes the same time to pronounce.


af of
af'to car
al tamea more and more
asa morning
ch'mas do, make
ch'ta down
cjama disturbance
cjoran day
cjuh ten
daf two
dekia can; ability, skill
doh way, street, path
et it
fanik panic
feqem comfort; comfortable
fidet see
fis sure, surely
foa in front of; before
f'rek stop
f'rokhot come
fut but
futol fat
ha have
han he (also used for animals)
hehko balance
hik pull
intares interesting
ise to be; being
kha'af bus (contracted from "kharos af'to")
khako school
khala clear; clearly
khara because
khasat seem, look like
khimosh feeling
khon this
khonta against, ~ af: other side of
kholot cold
khoroshi good; well
krasat put, place
kras'ni red
mesaz month (z=ts)
mez half
mezot boy (contracted from "mez otokh")
moros frost
näa when, as
niwa garden
okh and
otokh man; male
poka while; during
riksak backpack
s' so
sapoa fence
shil know; knowledge
shol measure, step
s'jäl oneslef
s'ka future particle
s'koro soon
s'kulat shoulder
s'lut final, finally
s'tarakh shake
ta {past particle}
tarop too much, too ...
tata {perfect particle}
tia animal
til to, towards
tokh time
u at, on
waluk evil; bad
zena scene


hana tokh spring (flower time)
sol tokh summer (sun time)
lijef tokh autumn (leaf time)
moros tokh winter (frost time)

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January 30th, 2006
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