Conlang Relay 13: Ring A

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Da Mätz se Basa – Henrik TheilingSmooth English

Ni Mäsude gände Wänto se Däbräs

An ein Muin äna Monat Wöpf kan ana da Drot s ano Bant fona Bos bänti s Urt da lei se Zän is sä ze.

Do fin ne däodek ofa Säol se Wäch se Jomätz siu furna Täon se Grätzong on hat ne däk on kei Kato ofa Axel. De Bäs latzirt kan se hau teitzat de Jomätz poch fir de fon sui süt ur. Dobei kuk de mir on mir panikläch de bänti s Urt ombat de weis dat de Bos tei botz mos lei ja. De do zurp de Kato nich nä höma. Ein Kir mach de ne Fot aufe Zaun ba seinläch fin de de do ze kaut on säo dräk de siu aufe da Säol se Mätz se Bäbau zük. Widat de siu gost kopfurläch hat mach säo lei de Säol se Bos.

Da Kato se Dach hat donach sicho mir ne ilgi ja.

Steps Against Winter Depression

One morning in December I could watch the following scene across the street from a bus stop:

A boy, obviously on his way to school, stood in front of a garden wall. He had an enormous red tomcat on his shoulder and this animal balanced skilfully while the boy tried hard to shake him off. With increasing panic he watched the bus stop knowing the bus would be due any second now... The cat was quite undisturbed. Once, he put a paw on the wall, but seemingly it felt too cold, so he quickly retreated to the boy's backpack. The moment when he was comfortably sitting, having tucked up his legs, the school bus arrived.

I suppose the cat spent quite an interesting day.

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Volapük – Jim HenrySmooth English

Med ta lüg nifüpa

Ün göd semik ün dekul, love süt de stopöp nibuda, kanoy logön jenöpi at.

Pul, kel binom kleiliko pö täv äl jul, stanom fo buid gada, e labom su jot oka hikati bigik e rediki. Nim leigavetom oki skiliko, du pul steifom ad lemufükön oni okao. Nu dalogoy omi plu e plu dredäliki, bi sevom, das nibud vo olükömon us suno. No tupom nonik kati. Balna, pladom lufuti bali oka sui buid, ab jiniko tuvom oni tu koldiki, so rofom oki sui bäkasakäd julana. Ven pos ekovenikom, nibud jula lükömon.

Pos atos, del kata pas enitedikon.

A remedy against winter depression

On a certain morning in December, across the street from a bus stop, you can see this scene:

A boy, clearly on his way to school, stands in front of a garden fence, with a big red tomcat on his shoulder. The creature is balancing skillfully while the boy tries to shake it off. Now you can see him getting more and more worried, because he knows the bus is sure to arrive soon. He isn't bothering the cat at all. At one point he gets one paw onto the fence, but seems to find it too cold, and pulls back onto the student's backpack. Just when he's gotten comfortable, the bus arrives.

The cat's day has just gotten interesting.

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Wenedyk – Jan van SteenbergenSmooth English


Czartanu dziemanu en dzieczębrzu, surkętrarz staceni autobusu, pociem widziar iła szczana.

Fil, kwały owiamięć je en ryci o szkoła, sta prze szepi gardzinu, jajęć sur szpatła krosy, rubry kotuń. Bieszcza pierzytamięć cenie swa jekwilibra, ściępu kędy fil cięta łu dzieożdar dzie siej. Stawiecz widziem komód ił kociwiecz płu kadzie en panika, nąk szcze, kód przędzej rzejalemięć ja ownier autobus. Uta nił nie tarbła kotu. Wyna wiecz ił łoka wyna łapa sur szep, maż wiżyblemięć jęwienie łą trów wrzyda, dąk rzetra łą sur drosarz szkołarzu. Przecizamięć kędy ił si fieczy kmód, wienie autobus.

Połu dzej kotu dziewniewa oprzymu wiortablemięć interesęci.


On a certain morning in December, opposite a bus stop, we can see this scene.

A boy, who obviously is on his way to school, stands before a garden fence, having a fat, red tom-cat on his shoulder. The animal skillfully maintains its balance, while the boy is trying to shake it off. Now we see how he starts to panic more and more, since he knows that the bus should be coming very soon indeed. But nothing disturbs the cat. One time, it places one paw on the fence, but apparently finds it too cold, so that it pulls it back and puts it on the schoolboy's backpack. One the very moment when it has made itself comfortable, the bus comes.

Only after that, the cat's day became really interesting.

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Jovian – Christian ThalmannSmooth English

A obe conner tristidza yh hiornun

Ni mane yh Degimber, oeva ni sixone victur, bouve seoginde ja xaena. U puobe, peoprire in vija ad xola, tsa pud saebe nyh hordu, acce pionge ed ruore u cader seize su in uomer. Ja beixa teine sud eiglibrun aziftei, dun ih puobe cona aedare en de sic. Nun se ueze ud a paenga crisce in ei, nan xi ud ih victur deive ambire aege ni xunda mox. Sed ih cader nau se discioda omione. Nuec prowe an tapfa in saebe, sed peoprire iomme id nime frize, nan redrahe en in dindraera xolaere. Ipfe con se hae facte counde, abeine ih victur.

Tun, ih dsé yh cader potreme trandsiva manore intressande.

A means against the sadness of winter

On a morning of December, opposite a bus stop, the following scene takes place.

A boy, apparently on the way to school, stands by the fence of a garden, and a fat red tomcat sits on his shoulder. The beast skillfully holds his balance, while the boy tries to shake him off of himself. Now one can see that a panic grows in him, since he knows that the bus must come any second now. But the cat doesn't bother at all. One time, he extends a paw onto the fence, but apparently finds it too cold, so he pulls it pack onto the school bag. Just when he has made himself comfortable, the bus arrives.

Afterwards, the cat's day at last became really interesting.

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Kerno – Padraic BrownSmooth English

Fu en ce dia matenès en lê Duman, gouathement al ystacièn la routa autocar ce yowencks que ascazus li naz doa l' ystraza. Fu ce ist yowencks, que me reclamam ieo, gouathement do li yscola. Yststus ys poz l' axtinea l' orthigoel, et attenuont li breck ce ist brocks et ce ist cats naranjeoès. Attenus la melló durant que doprovus il mapos le harier-els y velles. Azonck, gouezus ys yen padne ilaci aparus, persque il yowencks sabus que 'l autocars revendrews em pronto. Mays il cats naranjeoès n' eoer bril niposes. Ce tempós, dotenus il cats le lam des l' axtinea, mays que me reclamam ieo, dedis-el le vriget po en var, persque ritirasot-el lê lam. Couando regouenis-el regoueilleint, monis il mapos li autocar et salis ce chez. Azonck, transper le dia et dipos di salir del gat et lê brock, fus yn dia enjoeiable.

Twas on a morning day in December there hurried a lad to the motorbus halt and he fell whack on his face. The lad, as I recall, was hurrying to school. He was standing by the hedge of a garden and this badger and this orange cat grabbed his two arms. The beasties grabbed while the lad tried to harry the varmints. Then, he saw this loaf of bread there, for he knew the motorbus would return quickly. but the cat was not at all discombobulated. That time, the cat stuck his hand out of the hedge, but as I recall it was powerful cold for he took it back again. When the lad came awake again, he took to the autobus and it left then. Thenafter, the rest of the day, after leaving behind that cat and the badger, it was an enjoyable day.

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entrelenga – Clayton CardosoSmooth English

Era nel matín de un di de decembro, un jovane, andando a l'estacione pe la rota de autos, cal a caú al nas en l'estrada. Era esto jovane de cal me recordo, andando a l'escola. El era de pei prosimo a un arbusto de un jardín, i a elevao los omers al cantego de un gato de color aranj. L'animal era debilitao durante que lo jovane tentava animar l'animal. Poi, el a visto un pan aparer lá, que lo jovane a reconoszú que l'auto retornarea a tempo. Ma lo gato de color aranj non era animao. En cel momén, lo gato a esténs la mana del arbusto, ma de ce me recordo, era ecesivo freo, que el a remoto la mana. Cando el a retornao atento, lo jovane lo a posto nel auto i a esí a la casa. Poi, durante lo di i poi de esir col gato i col cantego, a estao un di agradavile.

It was in the morning of a day in December, a youngster, going to the station through the car route, who fell on the ground (hitting his nose) on the street. It was this youngster whom I recall, going to the school. He stood by a bush of a garden, and shrugged by the song of an orangish cat. The animal was weakened while the youngster tried to animate the animal. After that, he saw some bread appear there, because the youngster recognized that the car would come back in time. But the orangish cat wasn't animated. In that moment, the cat extended its hand out of the bush, but what I recall, it was too cold, because the cat removed its hand. When he went back vigilantly, the youngster put him into the car and went home. After that, during the day and after going away with the cat and with the song, it was an enjoyable day.

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Carrajena – Adam WalkerSmooth English

Juni sumani djul Chemveru, avins junu chestu fin esperud ad il stachuni in al via djils cochis fin caded peu'l nazu in al via. Erad laxandu ad al marraza ul fistu chestu, pomu recorru. Erad pedizindu chirga juna auvorida dji junu coju, ed logud jun juna juriga pera uls míaus dji juna cadisca ranchuna. Fuid il animali devili idavi provud cunsolari ul chestu ad il animali. Jin tinindu spichid juni pani iji ed djipinzud ul chestu fi lerrunajid ad il cochi ad ul si tempu. Peru nun nicunsolud al cadisca ranchuna. In ul pumpu xestinded al cadisca in al jumbra djal auvorida, peru pomu recorru, fuid jid tan mutu djelu, aguchi tranxuogud si vra al jumbra. Cumvi in aurru vichi devindud atindu jid, logud ul chestu sivi in il cochi, ed vaderuns ad ul domu. Debostu ul irindu, fuid ul aurru mutu djil djurnu juni agradavui cun al cadisca ed ul si míaus.

One morning in December, there was a young man who was waiting at the station on the highway(?) who fell on his nose in the road. This young man was going to school, as I recall. He was standing by a bush in a garden and cocked his head at the sound of an orange cat's meowing. The animal was weak, so the young man tried to comfort it. As he was concidering what to do, he spied a piece of bread over there, and the young man thought about eventually returning to the car. But the orange cat wasn't perking up. at that moment the cat stretched itself in the shadow of the bush, but, as I recall, it was way too cold, so he moved the cat out of the shade. When the cat had once again become attentive, the young man put it in his car and went back home. After the trip, the rest of the day passed pleasantly with the cat and its meowing.

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Limciela – Jim TaylorSmooth English

Un manena in deicemver un guam de bocs axevá sup l’autobia, ma pam sistúi a uli sèmáfors, cadúi sup l’autobia e cadúi sup le nas. Le guam de bocs tendevá a l’ast pam eic ocurrúi. Topaui un arvor parb e li miaus de un cat sandarac erán audíts. L’anìmál erá devil tap le guam de bocs conaui a dar confidemic a l’ anìmál. Depost le guam de bocs, pos de havér xactát del pam a lì e pos de havér pensát vem la situaic, reirúi a su auto. Ma le cat sandarac nom erá comsolát. Le cat se reflexát in l’omvra del arvor, ma erá muic de xel. Domp se movét ulic l’omvra, intendét in se defendér a palcomp mòmém. Le guam de bocs reinciaui in l’auto e vaúi a sua casa. Per muic del diurn erá comtém com le cat e sus miaus.

One morning in December a boxing glove was driving down the road, but when it stopped at some traffic lights, it fell onto the road and landed on its nose. The boxing glove was heading into town when this happened. It bounded into a small tree and the miaos of a bright orange cat could be heard. The animal was weak, so the boxing glove tried to reassure the animal. Then the boxing glove, having thrown some bread to it and having thought the situation through, returned straight away to his car. But the bright orange cat was not consoled. The cat stretched out in the shade of the tree, but there was a lot of frost. And so it moved itself beyond the shade, intent on defending itself at any given moment. The boxing glove got back in the car and went home. For much of the day he was pleased with the cat and its miaos.

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Aingeljã – Ángel SerranoSmooth English

Una matina de deixemre u~ want de boixeu conduçabe pur al'autovïa, meh qwand paré-si n'u~ semàfor, aucu~ cadé super al'autovïa e super a nasa. Ou want de boixeu direixabe-si defeza ou centre da cità qwand doul'ocurré. S'hawabe u~ piceu àrul e se potabe scoutre ou mjau d'u~ cat sandaraci~. Oul'animau esabe deul, pur tant ou want de boixeu començé a donâre confidenza ad oul'animau. Lloc ou want, depüi d'hawâre-ïu donat u~ pauc de pã, e depüi d'hawâre pensat bain a sitwacjõ, ritorné a soul'automoul. Meh ou cat sandaraci~ no~ sentabe-si consolat. Ou cat rifleixabe-si nal'umra doul'àrul, meh s'hawabe mout ggel. Meh ill lontanabe-si dal'umra, intentabe defendre-si ne tot moment. Ou want ri-encendé oul'automoul e vadé a sa casa. Durant tot ou dïe ill esé content cõn ou cat e sous mjaus.

A December morning a boxing glove was driving through the highway, but when it stopped at a traffic light, something fell on the road and on its own nose. The boxing glove was going to downtown when this happened. There was a small tree and one could hear the miaows of a Sandarakin cat. The animal was weak, therefore the boxing glove began to give some familiarity to the animal. Then the glove, after having given it some bread, and after having thought well the situation, returned to its car. But the Sandarakin cat did not feel consoled. The cat could see its own reflection on the shadow of the tree, but there was a lot of ice. Although it moved away from the shadow, it tried to defend itself all the time. The glove restarted its car and went home. During all day it felt happy with the cat and its miaows.

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Latin – Padraic BrownSmooth English

In aliquo mane de dicembrê, hic pugillator fut itinerando per suo autocarro, magis quando illus paraut apud hoc semaphorê, aliquis homo decasit ad sui rostro in viam. Hic pugillator fut vadendo ad illi foro quando illunc accasit. Tenut unû piccolû de matera, & potut audire istunc miucullum de uno cattillo sarcristahanico. Debile hic cattuttus sedut!, necente se movindo, tanto plus hic tamptaut capere illam confidentiâ de illo cattullum. Hic pugillator ludit, deex postem hic dedit quem panim & desposte remputaut de illam situationê & reversit ad illo autocarro. Magis illic cattinus sarcristahanicus necente erat satisfacto. Illic cattus saltaut in illam umbrellâ deex illo arborê. Magis habut multa geles. Magis hic extensit suam umbrellâ, & trataut sedefendere metipsi constantim. Magis illus cattus habut endurato et hic pugillator reddut ad illû autocarro & ad domu vadut. Per totû diâ, hic erat contentus cosa illum cattum & sus miaucullos.

Twas one morning in December this boxer was driving his motorcar and when he stopped at the signal, this man fell on his face in the road. Now, the boxer was heading downtown when this happened. He had a wooden piccolo and was able to hear the meows of this little cat. The cat just sat there meekly!, didn't move at all, no matter how much he tried to gain its confidence. The boxer played, then gave it a little bread, then thought about it and went back to the motorcar. But the cat wasn't at all satisfied. The cat leapt onto the umbrella from the tree, but there was a lot of ice. He hoisted up the umbrella and tried to defend himself constantly. But the cat endured and the boxer went back to his motorcar and rushed home. All day long, he was happy because of the cat and his little meows.

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Gwr – Roger MillsSmooth English

ay-nÿ gawngL iL pÿng niH tèyF, nÿ: iRF hi-de:F shiqH lèwF llè-llè nguL ye-hu nyaq-xwr. ---

mrL doq lèngF iL dzeng lliL, neq ta:qH iL ye-hu chang-huH joqR iL bu:qL, shwaH jo-juqL iF hi-de:F dr-hoq yòy kèH. ---

oH ye jawngL pih-bÿngH,L eq tra jihR nyaw-ngewM,L lòngH ku-shingL,M sha-shaH feqH sawngF. ---

oH ku-shingL,M tsaq-soH naw-L ju-ju-soL qoq mrL ye trong piwF ku-shing-huL,M ba:ng-huL. ---

hi-de:F gr dò-dòngL diwL, dayL pi-piqH dengF, na-na:q ping-pingH oH shwiR, dr nyaq-hu. ---

tÿng oH laq-laqH ku-shingL,M bawng dung loH, niqH lòngH oH dayL iL ye-hu tsung-dwi-huM,R buÿ-hu (pu:ng-hu nÿ-gr gawqL nÿng dwiR ). ---

ye shangH tsung-dwi-huM,R shr sheq ye-lòy-hu llang-bang-llangL, tÿng ku-shingL,M jaw-jawngL. ---

e-yaL,H hi-de:F treqH nyaq-hu eq dr bayR. ---

hu-huH mu-muL ye feq-feq pu:ng-hu ku-shing-huL,M nyaw-hu.

One early-morning in 12th month, there was this mail-delivery-person [postman] making his rounds in his car-- while he was stopped waiting at a traffic light, a person fell down in front of him there in the street; this happened while the postman was heading to the town square.-- He [apparently the one who fell, but ???] had a flute, and one could hear the cries of a _kusimi*_ apparently in distress.-- The kusimi just sat, not moving at all, even when he tried to win over the kusimi's trust. -- The postman made playful motions, offered a bit of food, finally he reconsidered the matter and went back to his car.-- But that damned kusimi still wasn't satisfied, he leapt out of the tree onto the top of his umbrella (for it was sleeting)-- He wielded his umbrella to defend himself as best he could, but the kusimi held fast-- and so the postman retreated to his car and went home.-- All day long he was bothered because of the kusimi's whining.

*kusimi: a small semi-tame cat-like animal native to Cindu; Gwr has borrowed the Kash word.

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Proto-Drem – Kevin UrbanczykSmooth English

Njanjuŋundeseja hozagbarubozand'ubenaamomb'omantoro. U leelenun'ilaj'a, Ja b'obmbihoonj'o gbaŋuunj'o. Gbarubo nobuhoza g'iwendi. U g'abu g'awinj'o d'abe U laaŋkom ndosanjijaŋema. Ncirandosanjawa nambawa laaŋkom gbe riŋinja honancirandosanjawa d'abe U ndində be ncirandosanjawambuŋa. Gbarubo bu g'oondə gbe ncirandosanjawa gbare mesəl. U ntema mbumbo gbe ho momb'omantoro. U nci ncirandosanjawa nde nalàaŋkóm. U nə g'awi njabig'ishəwa Nuŋ njabiwa b'oog'ishə. U g'abu njabig'ishəwa Nuŋ gesənjabuu ncirandosanjawawa. Gbarubo ho momb'omantoro gbe hondeh. Laaŋkoontiindesuu d'abe Njijancirandosanjawa.

In the beginning of the day a person was going delivering mail with his wagon. He stopped and waited for a time, a person fell down on his face onto the path. This happened as the deliver was going to the plaza. He held a branch up since he was bothered by an animals whining. A cat appeared upset and in danger. The cat stayed since he tried to influence the cats trust. The deliverer acted playfully and gave the cat a little food. He thought over his situation and went to his wagon. He cursed the cat who was still not satisfied. He grabbed the handle of his umbrella in order to protect himself from the cold rain. He held his umbrella in order to best protect himself from the cat. The deliverer went to his wagon and returned home. He was upset all day since the cat whined.

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Thalassan – Rob HadenSmooth English

San hausthasni, parthar kainatun kharjaqi vakas. Ak'arai aimasnisjas phanthasni kharjas hantha sacava mihka tampusphar phausas manasqin. Au pas vailava cavanqi tarsjuskava t'arun karpas. Ravi vicus! Tarsjathu kint'umasniqin parthar sjat'a apa manas, au sjas pitusun nikhamai pharjas. Maira tihva ravijai phaukha at'utun t'ahas. Pas aujaman vit'ava kharjai ajas. Au cunthu ravi nai talthu! Sju kuskuva thaljatun karpas parthar amunmapharsjan. Sami vasumpiqi pantumaphar ravit'a thaljatun hupas. Pasampi kharjaisjas nisava parthar khusun ajas. Au t'ajus haljatphar tarsjus vailava raviqi.

One morning, a deliveryman was delivering news with a wagon. On the way to the marketplace, he set his wagon down in the road to stop and wait for a little while. But then he became bothered by a wailing animal. A panther appeared! Upset and in danger, the deliveryman stayed away from the panther, but tried to earn its trust. He acted playfully and gave the panther a little food. Then, seeing an opening, he headed for the wagon. But the damn panther was not satisfied! It was starting to rain, so the deliveryman grabbed some branches to keep it away from him. He also used the branches to best protect himself from the panther. Finally, he returned to his wagon and went home. But for the rest of the day, he was bothered by the wailing panther.

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Nesheti – Tony HogardSmooth English

Anizu anda utrek, wesnik uwatehar haluganalak kus telegalen. Telega hantiya estanat, is zedaniri anda beremek maninku apa harawak, ge yahan nap rinekik. Bir puz tamafune supalan wapiyalaba. Wesnik hwatat palkak. Usine panferak! Wesnik, tamafuwele kus apaznen, arhuwur adek, is an hulat tarhan dewerik ates. An peskit panferan higralaba kuskik edikas. Puz an, usilaba zahimak, yahat nap telegak. Bir panfera natineziwele nata esar fuwuwele! Heyudi panyahat, is wesnik hwatat alkistanalak, ge arhuwun adek. Tagasin alkistanalak, esazi mahen lustu luluwan adek panferalan. Wesnik egiyahat gurtak kus telegan kenesti. Bir anda vewak sana, antuzalak dame esantu baskuzmun kus panferan wapiyalaba.

One morning, a postman was delivering mail with his wagons. The first wagon stopped and waited for a short time near the road that goes to the market. But then a wailing animal was bothersome. The postman grabbed a stick. A panther was seen! The postman, bothered by the danger, avoided it, and tried to win its trust. He gave the playing panther a small amount of food. Then, seeing an oppurtunity, he went toward the wagon. But the cursed panther was not satisfied! It began to rain, and the postman grabbed branches to keep away from it. To use branches is the best way to protect oneself from a panther. The postman returned home with the last wagon. But someday, others will be disturbed by the wailing panther.

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Calénnawn – René UittenbogaardSmooth English

Gol dull úluboy, pòðawd-vinúyfa še úyfa se póðiwd uráronur glis. Tésvo o glus orše móvralt, beše háqa anc qúna-umper pe-dwaf on ívolar gowvupé so cétiwm. Sófa ley héxiwduv itúcca orše noraygódavrar. O pòðawd-vinúyfa orše ddámvovra se xomp. Calássoše nopanaléya!2 O pòðawd-vinúyfa beše noraygódar so ðelc, nóri še púvuz tof, be còwlo-xepúno s-bru patúfi. Faše lúxci fh féspi úlu sum o qáncabaduv calásso. Ley fa orše gowsupévra so glus, beše panaléyas se rime. Sófa o fubúttbov calásso ólayplaše bibúlmevra fénco!2 Úbbon ozayše stábaday sno o pòðawd-vinúyfa orše xázevrann s-hísil, úrne byu púvuz-vésti tof. Cas mìstaš-lènta-vésti pra num h calásso uráronur hísil. Ólmo o pòðawd-vinúyfa orše lòyma-xabástavra uráronur o glus. Sófa níwtvo awn-umper, nus ifúrtigla novúlmiš fh calàsso-folhéxiw.

Sometime during a morning, a messenger brought messages using wagons. First, the wagon stopped, and waited a short time near the road that leads to the market. But then, a howling animal was bothered. The messenger grabbed a stick. A panther was seen! The messenger, bothered by the danger, avoided him, and he attempted to win its trust. He gave a little food to the playing panther. Next, seeing an opportunity, he went to the wagon. But the cursed panther was not yet satisfied! It began raining, and the messenger grabbed branches, so that he might avoid it. One can best protect oneself against panthers using branches. Finally the messenger has gone home with the wagon. But another day, other people will be distressed by the panther-howling.

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Toma Heylm – Amanda Babcock FurrowSmooth English

Tinid seta damrat. Meram seta dava domil tam metoyu sin tam otrid. Hiya syin trid seta soryik lir seta holyik minya lin yumin syin peltem tisyok syin yukorel. Rel syim seta miril trya minu tarin dava fulot. Syin meram seta trelot difhiyu. Syim seta tisanot loraku!

Syin meram seta sirot solmotu son katelu, lir seta dava sofril sav loraku, lir hilot kelal imanu semi. Syim seta datil rilitu forati aren amin lorak seta dava tantyik. Syim seta dimitil aren yutrid lir seta tisanot donatu. Rel lorak kilteli seta dava diryok foratu tamvie! Salil seta karepil lir syin meram seta tremil tam difhiyu, tal syim seta diril sofret sav loraku. Doras kardyik moret liyen ise dim loraku sin tam odifhi.

Syin meram seta parlot tenya sin syin otrid. Rel kin yumin mola delye dolyok, syin fulal syin loraki delye tandyik solmotu aren tam ayalam lir tam ayanya tamvie.

The time was morning. A messenger used to bring messages using carts. Now the cart had moved and had waited briefly near the road which went up to the market. But then he* annoyed a howling animal. The messenger picked up a stick. He saw a tiger!**

The messenger felt unease about the danger, and was staying away from the tiger, and tried to gain its trust. He gave a little food to the tiger, which was playing. He went to the cart and saw a chance. But the damned tiger was wanting more food! Rain began to fall and the messenger held some sticks, for he wanted to stay away from the tiger. One may best protect oneself from a tiger by using sticks.

Finally the messenger returned using the cart. But some day yet to come, the howling of the tiger will make more people nervous.

*The sex of the messenger is unknown. He is referred to as "she" in the Toma Heylm text only because "messenger" is in the feminine gender.

**The text actually refers to a feline predator which howls, but in my mind it was a tiger.

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Θywǵø – Jonathan North WashingtonSmooth English

śin śeśe rer śið kajjiǵ tśa fukθø śurwøg sænði ðiǵ śelæ θa ðajśiǵ śiri tśa ðiǵ ðajśiǵ ẃaðíǰa θunðøt. kajjiǵ tśa śurwøǵ śuǵjø ẃaðíǰa śurnø hið rag ẃaðíǰa ýiǵ ýojǵ ẃí ýesre kaẃ tśa śæð, śelíj fukθø śæð rer óó tajmij ẃaðíǰa ýusløg θa majśit. zútú ẃaðíǰa sij θa ðajśiǵ hajẃin tśa ðiǵ ðajśiǵ ẃaðíǰa θundøt, huwðø ýojǵ śið kajjiǵ śiri tśa.

mig wóŋ śí śæð śið ðefne la θa śiri tśa ðiǵ ẃaðíǰa θunðøt, huwðø ẃæðiǵ ẃí kaẃ, śelíj ẃaðíǰa mywnø θa ðajśiǵ sajtir. fútø ẃaðíǰa lyzwø θa dajẃig ẃaðíǰa huwðø śið rajzðit laj. śurwøg śið kajjiǵ tśa śywðú θa miw tśa śelíj fútø dój θa ýajjin śiri tśa huwðø śejśe! śúðøs śið kajjiǵ śihilaj ðúzwød, zútú ẃaðíǰa θunðøt, ẃaðíǰa wóŋ huwðø ẃæðiǵ ẃí kaẃ ýajjin śiri tśa. zútú ẃaðíǰa sij sænði huwðø śí herse dójdój kajfir.

śurwøǵ zóm śurnø śæð śea śí śúntú ẃí kajjiǵ laj tśa ðiǵ ðajśiǵ ẃaðíǰa θunðøt. fukθø sæð rer śí kajjiǵ śihilaj tśa ẃaðíǰa śin rer ẃí, θunðøk śela zóm θunðøt śela dój śið ðefne la θa śiśtæ huwðø ẃaðíǰa óó.

Missing! But here's what Herman Miller figured out:

Before the sun came out, a messenger woman went along carrying messages in a cart. She stopped briefly as the cart came near the path which led to the market place, but then she disturbed an animal which howled at her. The messenger woman held up a branch of a tree, and went near the cougar.

[Keeping] away from harm, the messenger woman was uneasy about [the cougar], stopped far from the cougar, but tried to gain its trust. She gave a bit of food to the playful cougar. She predicted he would come toward the cart, but the darn cougar wanted more food! It began to rain, the woman with the [branch of] tree, because of which she wanted to stay far from the cougar.

With the branch of a tree it protects the best away from the cougar. The messenger woman arrived with her cart at the end [of the path] from there. Since the day she set out, the howl of the cougar has caused discomfort to more women and men.

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Minza – Herman MillerSmooth English

Vyø jenzelu kaikat, seła køvu nintel vonyli rukumen røġisit. Iłuġu pyri va min animu šolvi fołat ja darvu arajaġas rukule, ai ižiġu tela kažňa, ja ġøru van. Ikota neži łed pølut køvule nintele, ai iłyma šolvi arňat.

Tegyli budut, ivymla arňa køvule nintele, ai iłuġu talgi syøt, ła ilorna leňi zovat syøt. Imoru ilaki kumut arňan nužylin vale. Idzumu ja ałymi či rukumu, ła amaġa kumu xyvi arňale xeňu! Naši žønži, tekevi køvumu łed, šim imaġa mimi talgi arňat. Łeden pølut, igeža nami lažu za arňat.

Inimu za silát no rukut tači fołat køvule nintele. Kela žagu nyn ja idarvu, anyvymla køvuri xyvi ai xažlari xyvi ġøryke arňat.

Before the sun came out, a messenger woman was walking along bringing messages in a cart. She paused briefly as the cart arrived near the path which led to the market place, but then she disturbed an animal, which growled at her. The messenger woman held up a branch of a tree, and approached near the cougar.

[Wanting] to avoid danger, the messenger woman was anxious about the cougar, so she stopped far from him, but tried to obtain his trust. She gave a portion of food to the playful cougar. She thought he would approach the cart, but the shameful cougar wanted more food! It began to rain, the woman holding the branch, so she wanted to stay far away from the cougar.

With the branch of a tree, she protected herself quite well from the cougar. From there the messenger woman reached the end of the path with her cart. After that day when she set out, the growl of the cougar has made more women and more men nervous.

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January 30th, 2006
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