Ring A: 10/18: Latin

Padraic Brown
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In aliquo mane de dicembrê, hic pugillator fut itinerando per suo autocarro, magis quando illus paraut apud hoc semaphorê, aliquis homo decasit ad sui rostro in viam. Hic pugillator fut vadendo ad illi foro quando illunc accasit. Tenut unû piccolû de matera, & potut audire istunc miucullum de uno cattillo sarcristahanico. Debile hic cattuttus sedut!, necente se movindo, tanto plus hic tamptaut capere illam confidentiâ de illo cattullum. Hic pugillator ludit, deex postem hic dedit quem panim & desposte remputaut de illam situationê & reversit ad illo autocarro. Magis illic cattinus sarcristahanicus necente erat satisfacto. Illic cattus saltaut in illam umbrellâ deex illo arborê. Magis habut multa geles. Magis hic extensit suam umbrellâ, & trataut sedefendere metipsi constantim. Magis illus cattus habut endurato et hic pugillator reddut ad illû autocarro & ad domu vadut. Per totû diâ, hic erat contentus cosa illum cattum & sus miaucullos.

Smooth Translation

Twas one morning in December this boxer was driving his motorcar and when he stopped at the signal, this man fell on his face in the road. Now, the boxer was heading downtown when this happened. He had a wooden piccolo and was able to hear the meows of this little cat. The cat just sat there meekly!, didn't move at all, no matter how much he tried to gain its confidence. The boxer played, then gave it a little bread, then thought about it and went back to the motorcar. But the cat wasn't at all satisfied. The cat leapt onto the umbrella from the tree, but there was a lot of ice. He hoisted up the umbrella and tried to defend himself constantly. But the cat endured and the boxer went back to his motorcar and rushed home. All day long, he was happy because of the cat and his little meows.


A couple words that might give trouble:

necente : nec + ente (< ens, entis)
piccolû : tibia musikes de argento vel materia
pugillator : homo quis tenet cestus pugillare
sarcristahanico : ? (< sacre stahu?)

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March 19th, 2006
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