Ring A: 14/18: Nesheti

Tony Hogard
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Anizu anda utrek, wesnik uwatehar haluganalak kus telegalen. Telega hantiya estanat, is zedaniri anda beremek maninku apa harawak, ge yahan nap rinekik. Bir puz tamafune supalan wapiyalaba. Wesnik hwatat palkak. Usine panferak! Wesnik, tamafuwele kus apaznen, arhuwur adek, is an hulat tarhan dewerik ates. An peskit panferan higralaba kuskik edikas. Puz an, usilaba zahimak, yahat nap telegak. Bir panfera natineziwele nata esar fuwuwele! Heyudi panyahat, is wesnik hwatat alkistanalak, ge arhuwun adek. Tagasin alkistanalak, esazi mahen lustu luluwan adek panferalan. Wesnik egiyahat gurtak kus telegan kenesti. Bir anda vewak sana, antuzalak dame esantu baskuzmun kus panferan wapiyalaba.

Smooth Translation

One morning, a postman was delivering mail with his wagons. The first wagon stopped and waited for a short time near the road that goes to the market. But then a wailing animal was bothersome. The postman grabbed a stick. A panther was seen! The postman, bothered by the danger, avoided it, and tried to win its trust. He gave the playing panther a small amount of food. Then, seeing an oppurtunity, he went toward the wagon. But the cursed panther was not satisfied! It began to rain, and the postman grabbed branches to keep away from it. To use branches is the best way to protect oneself from a panther. The postman returned home with the last wagon. But someday, others will be disturbed by the wailing panther.


     Common nouns include people, animals, fire, moving water, and
astronomical and meteorological phenomena.  Other nouns are neuter.
     Nesheti usually has SVO word order. Adjectives and adverbs follow
the nouns or verbs they modify. Passives are sometimes expressed by
use of the 3rd person plural with no nominative subject.
     Nouns are declined for accusative, dative, and genitive cases.
Verbs are conjugated for future, present, past imperfective, and past
perfective. Other parts of speech are unchanging.

noun endings:
     -k accusative
     -n dative
     -s genitive
     -l plural

verb conjugations:
     -zi present, 3rd person plural
     -r past imperfective, animate singular
     -ri past imperfective, neuter singular
     -t past perfective, 3rd person singular
     -ne past perfective, 3rd person plural
     -ntu future, 3rd person plural

participle forms:
     -laba active
     -wele passive


alkistan (n) branch
an (pron) 3rd person animate singular -- acc. adek, gen. ates
anda (prep) in, within, during
anizu (adv) once, one time
antuza (n) person, man
apa (prep) near
apazne (n) danger
arhuwun (v) to avoid
baskuzmun (adj) pained, distressed
berem (n) time
bir (conj) but, however
wapiyan (v) to bark, to howl
wesnik (n) messenger, postman
ge (pron) relative particle, that
gurta (n) home
dame (adj) other, different
deweri (n) trust
egi- (v prefix) return, go back
edika (n) food
esan (v) to be
estanan (v) to stop
vewa (n) day
is (conj) and
yahan (v) to go
kenesti  (adj) last, final
kus (prep) with, by means of
kuski (n) small amount
luluwan (v) to protect, sustain
lustu (adj) best
maninku (adj) short, brief
mahen (n) way, means
nap (prep) to, toward
nata (particle) not, no
natinezin (v) to curse
palka (n)
pan- (v prefix) to begin to
panfera (n) panther
peskin (v) to give
puz (adv) so, then, next
rinek (n) marketplace
sana (adj) some, an unspecified
supala (n) animal
tagasin (v) to use
tamafun (v) to bother, to annoy
tarhan (v) to win, to achieve
telega (n) wagon
uwatehan (v) to bring, to lead
uskin (v) to see
utre (n) morning
fuwun (v) to fill, to satisfy
halugan (n) message
hantiya (adj) first
harawa (n) road
hwatan (v) to grab
heyudi (n) rain
higran (v) to play
hulan (v) to attempt
zahim (n) chance, opportunity
zedanin (v) to wait


(n) noun
(v) verb
(adj) adjective
(adv) adverb
(pron) pronoun
(prep) preposition
(conj) conjunction

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March 20th, 2006
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