Ring B: 17/22: Khangaþyagon

Pete Bleackley
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mallyagon ðela'ung beb yeksung u yubidir yir.

yageltar yer mezzalwaneltar tramnilar glæsakhar

shuþar yar yer vrimaaug suaug.
shuþar yar bel pillaug beb kœneshaug u plewi yi yir.
shuþar yar traneshaug figdeipar u martepi yi yar tembayat.
shuþar yar arrotaug mœzaaug ekrifutomb u amagelafœr yar yi.

lengar yar lugsaku beb illitkur u skilpir yir onma'utipgu.
lengar yar khælsku u flarri yi œma emlont yaebam.
lengar yar sadreklopmag u rugi yi ælg yaakhar.
lengar yar analkur u rugir ussu beb tranesh yir.

halilut gramapar yar etni yelmito glæsar u rugikhar yir ulevar yaakhar.

lengar yar æsvaþontku yurishku allshku.

yurishdahi enil u æsvaþi aba mod erig mod.
yurishdahi enil u æsvaþi erig mod aba mod.

analekdahiltar belil beb belar sur dirsar samonar.

Smooth Translation

A prayer for a girl and boy who marry each other

Speak these words together to the spirits

We thank you for all beauty.
We thank the day for the light and warmth that it brings.
We are thankful for the power in the fields that protects us from war.
We are thankful for the great amount of grain that we have gathered.

We sing of the moon and stars that shine throughout the night.
We sing of the wind that pours benevolent air upon us.
We sing of the hazel that gives us shade.
We sing of the joys that health and strength bring.

Now we raise our hands to honour the spirits who will give us children.

We sing of our good young love.

It is good for one wife to love one husband.
It is good for one husband to love one wife.

May this day and all the coming days be joyful.

Native Script

Relay 14 Text in Khangaþyagon Native Script



VSO. Agglutinating. Adjectives follow the nouns they qualify, and agree with them. Predicative adjectives compound with the verb. Adverbs agree with the verb they qualify. Roots compound in head last order within words. (ie qualifier-specifier) However, grammatical affixes are suffixes (segunakar)



Nouns may be followed by segunakar of six ranks. Each rank has a particular grammatical role. They are specified in the order they occur following the root.

modsegunakar (1st rank) Deiexis

il this

densegunakar (2nd rank) Proximity

Indicates how closely associated the think qualified by the proximity-marked noun is with the thing specified by the proximity-marked noun.

ut at
eb in contact with

radsegunakar (3rd rank) Relative position

ip in
omb around

karvsegunakar (4th rank) Sense of motion

am to
gu by (route)

sintsegunakar (5th rank) Abstract relationships

akh to (recipient)
ung for (benefactive)
aug for (goal,reason)
yat against
ku about (topic)

bantsegunak (6th rank) number

(a)r plural


Verbs may be followed by the following segunakar Person/infinitive/participles (obligatory)

a 1p
e 2p
i 3p
o infinitive

on/ont Present participle. For many verbs this has the sense of an agent noun. If the sense normal for the verb is not the one required, the present participle compounds with another nouns to form the required sense.

Reflexiveness: d+reduplication of person affix

Continuous aspect: Not used in this passage

Perfect aspect: fœ


Unmarked present
ng past
kh future

Voice: Not used in theis passage

Mood: lt: imperative

Negation: Not used in this passage

Number: (a)r Plural

Derivational affixes:

ek forms adjectives from nouns in the sense of "like".
wan forms adverbs from adjectives in the senso of "in such a manner".
nesh forms abstract nouns from adjectives.


beb (conj) and
bel (n) day
u (conj) such that
ussu (n) health
ulev (n) child
khæls (n) wind
su (adj) all, whole
sam- (v) come
sadre (n) heart
skilp- (v) shine
tra (adj) strong
tramn (n) word
temba (n) war
aba (n) wife
ap- (v) make
arrot (n) host, mass
amagel- (v) gather
anal (n) joy
allsh (adj) young
vrima (n) beauty
pill (n) light
plew- (v) bring
onma (n) night
hal (n) time
dah- (v) be
dirs (adj) other
etni (n) hand
eml- (v) bless
en (n) thing
erig (n) husband
ekrif (n) grain
figde (n) field
flarr- (v) pour
martep- (v) guard
mall (adj) holy
mag (n) tree
mod (adj) one
mezzal (adj) together
mœza (adj) great
shuþ- (v) thank
rug- (v) give
illit (n) star
klop (n) nut
(adj) warm
ðela (n) girl
lugs (n) moon
leng- (v) sing
gram- (v) rise
glæs (n) spirit
y+person ending (see verbs) (pr) personal pronouns
yub- (v) marry
yurish (adj) good
yag- (v) speak
yeks (n) boy
yelmit- (v) honour
wiþ- (v) have
æsvaþ- (v) to love (has connotations of marriage and sex)
ælg (n) shade
œma (n) air

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February 19th, 2007
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