Ring B: 22/22: Kash

Roger Mills
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andrinjura çenderili

Endo ikotato çehamale yuno kaç:

hile mikuvus liri yuno-yuno re virik
hile mikuvus liri akunjañ i haya e lerowi
hile mikuvus lire mile hilolan himundruk kandenarale ri çombala amut
hile mikuvus liri yuno kaç re çopur ukumim
mirinju tandile añolole re foyayan ondreni
mirinju e yangaye re yarumek ripani
mirinju angeçe re vele amuluñi
mirinju liri ambinda, liri kavan acarek
mirundandru niluçmim vara miçura çehamale re ahan analan
mirinju liri andendeñi sisani inji

endo çender kaçuma yawupan çendereni sinut
endo çender sinut yawupan çendereni kaçuma
endo nila imindato tayanju yuno pehanaçni ri curata

Smooth Translation

Song of the [marriage candidates]

Let all people say to the Spirits:

we are thankful to you for all things beautiful
we are thankful to you for the radiance and light of the sun
we are thankful to you for protecting us against the warriors in the flatlands
we are thankful to you for all the people who harvest our grain
we sing to the moon and stars, who shine the whole night
we sing to the wind that causes the rain
we sing to the trees who give their shade
we sing to happiness, in health and strength
we raise up our hands to honor the spirits who create children
we sing to their goodness and young love

May the bride receive the groom
May the groom receive the bride

Oh may they be happy now and in all years to come

<< Naisek


March 15th, 2007
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