Ring A: 15/20: Iuthan

Matt Laporte
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Ito cal illin vast.

Mervo harol larn arvitite:

"Athme tiril bi liharo.
Bi liharo, allele tiril ishallin.
Gariti tiril firiipiu iin,
Sehapa tal in;
Hesba tiril eban,
Issi tal arassan ipiu iite,
Iritti tiril iupiu addin;
Fariite tiril estesse firiin;
Tilla tiril baban irrabam;
Tilla tiril iissin ishallipio irbiripio;
Ito bibil ittissin bi orosso;
Ito cal aterran,
Athettissiru cal!"

Smooth Translation

This is the second piece of music.

Man sings this story with hope:

"The angel speaks during the sunset.
During the sunset, the angel understands everyone.
The angel awakens the forest's soul,
You do not stop her;
The angel battles darkness,
You will brighten the depths with her soul,
The angel passes through our hair;
The angel watches over the forest from afar;
The angel gives youthful strength;
The angel gives love to everyone and everything;
The children are kind during their maturation;
This is a gift,
Let us hope it remains!"


Word order is usually VSO.

Verbs may be made from nouns by adding the ending –an.

S- or se- negates a verb.

Verbs are in the present tense; subjunctive is indicated with the ending –ru.

All words are declined in the same manner.

Accusative -n
Nominative -l
Instrumental -te
Ablative -via
Genitive -m
Dative -pio
Possessive -piu


addi hair
allele to understand
arassa "the depths" (figurative)
arviti hope
aterra gift
athettissi to remain
athme to speak
baba strength
bi during
bibi child
ca this
eba darkness
estesse from afar
fariite to watch over
firii plants/forest (n)
gariti to awaken
hapa to stop/prevent
haro man
hesba to battle
i she
ii soul
iissi love
illi piece(musical)
iraba youth
irbiri everything
iritti to pass through
ishalli everyone
issi to brighten
ittissi kind
iu us
lar story
liharo sunset
mervo to sing
orosso maturation
ta you
tilla to give
tiri angel
vast second

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February 19th, 2007
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