Ring A: 13/20: Nindic

Elliott Lash
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Ceiad menin: al velleg
Ieder neben...
Hai, coerioth neich no ddein.

'Cereger gogorad lith e menalen
Cereger Elaer iómm ddan, e menalnad.
Ger ffaeddedi al ogor gorm nos erthín.
Ger hegi ni nachen aw.
Oeddochor Elaer herendrad.
Athar ni gorm in (go nalen) penos i owen.
Ethiadar gogorad ma senuäd
Rhoffor gogorad iath, onos i noerín.
Athar gogor nos iod, iodas penoddos.
Athar gogor no vir iómm rai peno neich no ddein.
Oborar ni i gathen boed gos i ho thelaen
Hifoeth athanad tai nellad no vir
Ieder lithi iodas! '

Smooth Translation

The second portion: a song
Let us sing...
And moreover, all men shall speak.

'The Angel understands you in twilight.
Alarie understands each man, in twilight.
An Angel does not kindle the soul of plants.
But, she does not fight it.
Alarie breaks the darkness.
She gives her soul (by light) to the lake.
The Angel blows against the hairs.
The Angel, through the trees, guards us.
The Angel of youth gives youth to them.
The Angel of love gives everything to all people.
She supports the tender child with a nurturing hand.
And so, giving them the gift of love.
May youth live!'


Nindic is a language in my fictional world. This text is written in an accent that has undergone different changes from the standard dialect. These changes are noted in the lexicon and notes, should you wish to replicate them in your text.

Definite forms

-ad (or in this dialect, -as, after adental)

Use: basically as in English.

i + lenition

Use: with adjectives, and with prepositions (usually)


-s form: used before vowels penoddos 'to them' (dialectal for penoddod)



3s -er, -ar, -or (depending on conjugation, listed in lexicon as -e, -a, -o)


3p -ioth (causes vowel mutation)

Present Subjunctive

1p -en (in this dialect) 3s -i


-i (causes vowel mutation)

Present Participle

-aen (used as in English)


-an (at least in this text) (used as in English) Gerund + object: -anad + possessive pronoun)

Plurals of Nouns

listed in parentheses in the lexicon.


g zero
d dd
b v
m v
t d
p b
c g
ll l
rh r
s h

Nasalisation: not in effect here.


Vowel changes

aw oe
a e (in this dialect)


al a, one (causes lenition)
ath- to give (-a)
aw it/him (accusative)
cathen soft, tender, delicate
cawr- to speak, talk (-o)
cei division, part, portion
cereg- to reach out, grasp, understand (-e)
corm soul
dan (dein) man, person
e in
Elaer Alarie (angel of the moon)
ethiad- to blow (-a)
ffaeddad- to kindle, light (-a)
ge- not (-e, auxiliary verb + infinitive of main verb)
go(s) by, with
gogor angel, spirit (dialectal for gwagor)
hai moreover, also, and, but, furthermore
heg- fight
hifoeth so, such, thus
i the (causes lenition)
iath us (accusative)
ieder oh that, if, may, let (+ subjunctive, causes lenition)
in his, her, its (possessive)
iod youth, virtue, vigour
iómm each
lith you (accusative)
llith- to live (-e)
ma against (causes nasalisation)
menalen twilight (at dusk)
menin second
melleg song
mir love
nachen but, however
nalen light
neb- sing (-e)
neich all
nell gift
ni she
no(s) of (causes lenition)
noer (noerín) tree
obora- to support (-a)
oeddoch- to cut up, break (-o)
ono(s) through
orth (erthín) plant
owen lake
peno(s) unto
poed boy, girl, child
rhai thing
rhoff- to guard, keep, watch over (-o)
seno (senu) hair (dialectal for senew)
serender darkness, blackness
so hand (dialectal for sew)
tai their (possessive)
thel- to nurture, raise up (-e)

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February 19th, 2007
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